Living with Soul Alignment

Even if you aren’t there today, we’ve all had glimpses of being in flow and aligned with the universe. Times when life really seems to “work” and everything seems to be going our way. Unfortunately, far too often, glimpses are all we get. The big question is how to sustain those periods of ease and even create them on command. 

What usually happens when we fall out of flow, is we start running around trying to duplicate the circumstances and take all the same actions we did just before we fell into flow. Alas, we fail to recreate the magic. Maybe it was a fluke? Maybe we’ll never experience that ease again? 

Many turn to the law of attraction and manifestation practices believing that will bring them what they are looking. That getting the big new house, the sexy new partner, the high paying  job will fill the void somehow none of it is ever quite satisfying. Inevitably, focusing on what’s not already in your life tends to bring more dissatisfaction than joy and locks in a sense of lack. So what will make your Soul happy?

Your Soul wants one thing and one thing only. To be in alignment with itself. So, what’s it like to be in alignment with your soul?

There isn’t a single area of your life that Soul alignment won’t impact. When you are in alignment with your Soul relationships are elevated to intimacy, work to purpose, and obligations to inspirations. 

That empty feeling, that sense of “what’s it all for?” is gone for good. You know that you are here for a specific purpose and you know how to live it today and every day. The people and circumstances necessary to manifest your dreams appear as if by magic. And best of all, you are fulfilled. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken.

Let’s discover what it means to be in alignment, what it looks like and how to create it without having to level your life and start over. We’ll explore signs that let you know when you are out of alignment with your Soul and simple course corrections you can make today to support you staying in flow and true to your path. Read on!


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