Experiencing the Natural World Through Nature


Communicating with Nature (our more-than-human relations) and Engaging in Co-Creative Partnership

Reclaiming your story and re-membering your Truth

Ceremonies and other worldly experiences

Experience the Magic and healing gifts of our more-than-human relatives in the convenience of your own home through Spirit Essences

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Communicating With Plants

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Plants Heal.

Plants have consciousness and can heal the body, mind and spirit. Through our private consults, we work in tandem with Plants to help you remove blocks, heal wounds, clear energy, embrace wholeness and tap the beauty of your soul. Our Essences from master Plants, Flowers, Nature Spirits and sacred places can root out the source of dis-ease and unearth your true essence.

Plants Teach.

Plants are our evolutionary guides. They can teach us how to heal, awaken, grow and live in harmony.  Brigid’s Way’s apprenticeship program and other classes will instruct you on how to connect directly with Plants and Nature Spirits, as well as your own True Essential Nature, to receive guidance and healing potential for yourself and others.

Plants Sing.

Plants are intelligent Beings, able to communicate with us in a variety of ways, including through the language of music—thanks to the revolutionary Music of the Plants device. This technology will transform the way you relate to Plants, Trees and Nature. Experience this life-changing communion with Plants.

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