What is conscious living?

Consciousness is the new buzz word. People talking about being “woke” and paying lip service to conscious living, environmental responsibility and social justice among other trendy causes. 

But consciousness is no fad. In fact, becoming conscious is part of why we are here. It is part of our collective purpose. 

So, how do you practice living consciously? What does it look like to bring consciousness into your everyday life? To really live it?

As we move through our days, it’s easy to get a form of tunnel vision focused on our to-do lists, responsibilities and obligations. Moving so quickly to the next task that we don’t even remember completing the last one. 

Ever left the house only to be plagued by thoughts such as: “Did I close the garage?” “Did I leave the curling iron on?” “Did I lock the front door?” These types of questions reveal moments of unconsciousness. Moments when we are going through the motions on autopilot. 

Beyond mantras and mala beads, meditation and medicinals, conscious living is about bringing mindfulness and meaning into every moment of our day - or at least as many as possible. It’s about being fully present with ourselves and others; being aware and tending to our feelings and emotions; being honest about our needs and desires; and ultimately healing the world through healing ourselves.  

Conscious living is about doing our part to make the world a better place by first taking personal responsibility for our own little corner of the world through our thoughts and deeds. It’s about walking our talk and being love in action. 

Together we’ll explore practices for being more present and creating more consciousness in our lives. Not every tool will work the same for every body. You may gravitate to the stillness of traditional forms of meditation or you may find yourself more drawn to moving meditations such as yoga or tai-chi. On the other hand you may not believe mediation is for you at all. Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from.

At the end of the day, conscious living will make way for more of what you want in your life. It will make way for more of what you want to see in the world. And most importantly it will make way for more peace and purpose in your life.


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