"My time with nature makes me believe in magic. . . Engaging with our Hearts and our more-than-human relatives enables us to tap into this magic and experience a life and world that is more beautiful and fulfilling than we can imagine . . ."


One of Jen’s earliest memories is wanting to be a healer. While she didn’t have a name for what this was, she had a deep gnowing and desire. This yearning sparked a lifelong journey of discovery, traveling the world to learn various healing modalities from incredible teachers. Along the way, Jen realized that the best teachers and healers were those that simply supported the gifts and wisdom that were already within oneself.

Nature, especially Plants, has always been an important part of Jen’s life. Her grandparents forged a deep Love of the wild and taught her the importance of engaging respectfully with our more-than-human relatives. Like many, Jen found a sense of peace and awe when she spent time in Nature and especially loved exploring forests. In high school, Jen was labelled an environmentalist and was shocked to discover that not everyone had this relationship with the Wild nor did they want to protect our environment. She thought everyone wanted to live in a healthy world with clean water and air and abundant wildlife. This revelation propelled her forward to learn how she could create a better world.

One of the many lessons that Jen learned is that the best thing she can do for this world is to remember her innate relationship with our more-than-human relatives and to move into co-creative partnership with them. Engaging with Nature consciousness changed Jen’s life. . . .



In the Beginning

At a very young age, my grandparents introduced me to the magical world of Nature.

They taught me that it was important to sing to the Plants and to ask for permission before harvesting. They encouraged me to explore the wild woods looking for gifts and eating berries until my belly hurt.

Mostly my grandparents showed me that I was safe and loved and part of an incredible world filled with wonder.


World of Wonder

While Nature, especially Plants, remained an important part of my life, my focus became more of a serious, scientific exploration.

My children helped me to return to the world of wonder. Our daily walk around the block would take an hour or more as we’d stop to jump in every puddle, watch our friends the Roly-poly pill bugs, and of course, smell the flowers.

They showed me that magic is everywhere if I only look.


Dream Come True

Then one day, it happened. My lifelong dream of communicating with Plants came true. I had always hoped that some day, I would be “good” or “special” enough to communicate with Plants and here it was. Only I discovered that everyone can do this, after all we are a part of Nature.

Communicating with Plants opened me to an even more wondrous world. My problems didn’t disappear, but I gained guidance and understanding, which made the problems manageable and the Plants showed me possibilities I could not have imagined.

Wanting everyone to know this magic, I started to help others communicate with Plants.


The Door is Opened

Plants awakened connections I forgot that I lost. I began to work with Nature Spirits and the Unseen. Each new encounter amazed me and helped me to understand myself more. My relationship with Elemental Beings, especially the Faeries, became conscious and brought context to seemingly strange experiences of my childhood.

And then Groundhog showed up, both in my dreams and at my back door. I long had an antagonistic relationship with Groundhog because ki ate my garden. I was slow to warm to ki; however Groundhog persisted and showed me how we could work together.

Soon ki was “weeding” my herb garden, eating around the Plants that I planted. With Groundhog’s help, I learned that we can communicate with all of Nature and more importantly, we can learn to work together honoring the gifts and needs of one another.


Co-Creative Partnership

As I continued to work with Beings who I previously considered my nemeses (Japanese Beetles, Mosquitos, Deer, Poison Ivy . . .), I discovered that we weren’t enemies, we simply weren’t understanding one another.

I started asking what they needed and made agreements with them. My experiences with these Beings were teaching me how to engage in co-creative partnership with our more-than-human relatives.

Working WITH our more-than-human kin, my projects became more successful while requiring less effort and materials. Again, I discovered solutions that I wouldn’t have known on my own. And in the process, I experienced what can only be described as true magic.


Heart Springs Sanctuary

After many years of searching, I found the place that became Heart Springs Sanctuary, a living example of how to create a more sustainable future by engaging in co-creative partnership with Nature. Engaging in co-creative partnership, I am humbled and experience synergy and synchronicity as I receive guidance on what the Land wants/needs.

Since moving here, Heart Springs Sanctuary has truly blossomed into a Sanctuary where all Beings are Sacred and can thrive. I am continually amazed and awed at the magic I experience and witness here.

And I am excited to see what more there is to learn and experience. For there is so much that our more-than-human kin can teach us.


It is our birthright to experience this magic. When we engage with our more-than-human kin, whole worlds open to us. We experience synergy. We are meant to be creators. We learn more about ourselves. Of course this doesn’t mean that all of our problems or hardships disappear. However, we discover that we are always supported and always loved and our relatives can guide us through the toughest times.


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My wish is that you remember who you truly are, embrace your unique gifts, and confidently share your Light with others. When we remember that we are interconnected with one another and our more-than-human relatives, we realize that our thrival depends on the well-being of each other. While I wish that I could give you the elixir to make all your dreams come true, what I can do is give you the keys that open the doors to receiving the wisdom, healing, and guidance of Nature, and that is even more potent.


Heading One

Heading Two

Heading Three

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